Ramsay Bolton's latest act of violence has links to The Red Wedding

Ramsey Bolton Game Of Thrones

One Game of Thrones viewer has cast fresh light on a vital moment in the previous episode.

This article contains spoilers for season six of Game of Thrones.

Following the latest episode of Game of Thrones, fans will be forgiven for focusing on the resurrection of Jon Snow ahead of some of the other major plot points that occurred.

However, one eagle-eyed Reddit user has pointed out that Ramsay Bolton was careful to ensure the knife he plunged into his father’s chest would do the job.

While many viewers would have taken Ramsay’s hug as a means to get close enough to his father to murder him, it is now being suggested that the bastard Bolton was in fact checking for chainmail before delivering the killer blow.

It is yet another sign of just how smart Ramsay is, knowing as he would how careful and cunning his own father has had to be to survive this long.

Watching the scene in this way also brings back memories of The Red Wedding, when Catelyn Stark pulled back Roose Bolton’s sleeve to reveal the protection underneath and pull the rug from under us in the process.

The man who is almost always careful should have been just as wary in his own home, something Ramsey himself suspected would be the case during those telling touches.

As it was Roose seemingly felt he was safe under his own roof; something Ramsay used to his advantage in his own sadistic way.

In time Ramsay will surely get his comeuppance, with an imminent attack on Castle Black potentially giving him far more than he bargained for following Jon’s resurrection.

After all, killing an unarmed man is one thing; but killing an apparently indestructible Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and his wildling army is quite another.