Hey, Kirkman! We wouldn't see these four things coming in The Walking Dead

Negan And Rick The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman has written a response following the considerable criticism aimed at The Walking Dead's season six finale.

It was a while coming, but The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has issued an apology of sorts for the season six finale that had the vast majority of fans pulling their hair out in frustration.

The letter - published in full by comicbookresources.com - came in the latest issue of The Walking Dead comic and while it does not undo the damage done by opting for a cliff-hanger following Negan’s dramatic introduction, it is at least something.

Along with his feelings regarding the season six finale Kirkman also commented on the next episode, saying, “The only thing I can promise is that the season seven premiere is going to be awesome. And every minute of the season six finale was important and was setting something up that you probably won’t see coming.”

The use of the word ‘probably’ is telling, but if The Walking Dead producers really want to throw in a curveball, here are four things that could be deemed unexpected.

Everyone dies!

Okay so we know someone has their head smashed in, but why would Negan stop there? He has seen what Rick’s group can do and surely he would be better off eliminating all of them rather than running the risk of payback (which we all know is coming).

Negan is not exactly short of numbers – even after the apparent hammering they took earlier in the season – so a smart man would go down the line taking out every potential threat.

No one dies!

Until we see it, there is no reason to believe it, and it would be one hell of a twist if after all those months of vitriol the show somehow manages to jump the biggest of sharks.

Of course this will never happen, but at this stage it is about the only thing Kirkman can do to back up his assertion that we probably will not see it coming.

Heath and Tara to the rescue

Heath and Tara went on a timely run but could they be back in time to ‘do a Carol’ and save everyone despite their distinct lack of nous in that area?

With the cookie-baking bad ass off meeting the inhabitants of The Kingdom with Morgan, a last-ditch rescue mission from her is out of the question, but there are potential saviours (of a different sort) out there somewhere.

Negan realises his much-anticipated introduction has been ruined by an awful creative choice and bludgeons himself to death

Come on, it wouldn’t be the least believable thing to happen on the show.