Stop blaming The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones for the same mistake

Jon Snow Game Of Thrones 3

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones have both caused controversy with recent decisions regarding their characters.

Following the revelation that Jon Snow will indeed fight another day in Game of Thrones despite his death at the end of season five, it was no surprise to see articles regarding the similarities between his fate and that of The Walking Dead’s Glenn Rhee.

The thing is, while both shows clearly used apparently huge moments to prompt debate and raise viewing figures, Jon actually died, while Glenn’s apparent demise proved to be nothing more than an ill-advised trick that viewers saw through almost immediately.

Glenn did not die, his seemingly final moments nothing more than a gimmick the producers of The Walking Dead waited far too long to put right.

In contrast Jon was murdered at the hands of his sworn brothers of the Night’s Watch. He did suffer. He was gone.

That he came back was never in question, but when he did it was as we expected and will no doubt play a vital role in the story moving forward.

Jon is important and his likely resurrection always seemed a huge moment in George R. R. Martin’s plans both for him and for Westeros as a whole.

There was also no real lying from the Game of Thrones camp. Jon was deader than dead. He just so happens to be alive again now.

Rewind to the immediate aftermath of the moment The Walking Dead jumped the shark (not for the last time) and the producers were called out in a way they seemingly failed to expect.

They even removed Steven Yeun’s name from the credits in another cheap ploy, all the time suggesting that things may not be as they seemed.

It was lazy and, worst of all, it was unnecessary.

The same cannot be said of Jon’s arc in Game of Thrones, with his return from the dead likely to be key in the battles – and revelations – that follow.