Proof (redacted) is back for season seven of The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead returns with new episodes later this year.

This article contains spoilers for season six of The Walking Dead and a potential spoiler for season seven.

The Walking Dead’s sixth season may have only recently concluded on television but such is the production schedule that the cast and crew are already back for season seven.

The last episode ended with cries of frustration from across the globe as Negan’s much-teased victim remained a mystery following a shift of perspective in those final chilling moments.

However, with rumours persisting that the scene was filmed to its conclusion it would be surprising if the actors did not already know who has bitten the proverbial bullet…regardless of what they say to the contrary.

While any one of 11 characters could have been the victim of Lucille’s bloody vengeance, the more logical conclusion is that it is one from four with Glenn, Daryl, Eugene and Abraham emerging as the likely candidates given their relative importance to the show and their recent story arcs.

After all, if The Walking Dead producers are true to their word and aim to make a splash, killing Rosita or Aaron just won’t cut it.

So it was interesting to note that on the first day of production for the new season, Michael Cudlitz –who plays Abraham – was clearly back on set and ready to roll.

“Epic day,” Cudlitz wrote, along with the hashtag ‘TWDFamily’.

Was he filming his final moments or is he back for good? Only time will tell, but one suspects he will be back to battle the Saviours when the show returns in October.