NBA Trade Talk: Kevin Durant to Miami Heat, suggests ESPN pundit

Could Kevin Durant switch Oklahoma City Thunder for Miami Heat?

Kevin Durant's future is one of the hot topics of the NBA heading into the off-season, with the Oklahoma City Thunder star set to become a free agent.

Durant is a former league MVP and there is likely to be an almighty scramble for his signature, while the Thunder are likely to make a big effort to try and retain him.

ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith believes Durant and the Miami Heat should consider a deal, arguing that he would instantly transform them into strong championship contenders.

While mentioning other teams linked as being the LA Lakers, New York Knicks, and Washington Wizards, Smith stated to ESPN:

"The team that may be the dark horse in this is the Miami Heat. When you consider who the Heat are, led by Pat Riley, you've got an exceptional young coach in Erik Spoelstra, you've got LeBron and D-Wade having captured two championships together there. Chris Bosh and D-Wade are still there, although Chris Bosh is not that healthy.

"Then you take into account the young guys, the Josh Richardson's, the Justise Winslows, Hassan Whiteside, you've got experienced guys like Joe Johnson Luol Deng there. You add Kevin Durant to that situation and bring back Dwyane Wade, you are talking instant title contention. Automatically."

He added that Durant could sign a two-year extension with a one-year opt out, to become a free agent again next summer, when Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook hits the market, and the two could potentially move as a package deal to another team.