If one of these three is Negan's victim The Walking Dead producers are taking us for fools

Lucille The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returns for season seven in October 2016.

This article contains spoilers for season six of The Walking Dead.

The season six finale of The Walking Dead left the vast majority of fans angry, frustrated, confused or a combination of all three, with new villain Negan’s baseball bat crashing down on a mystery victim and the screen subsequently fading to black.

If it was meant to get the fans talking, it certainly succeeded, and with season seven not airing until October there are months where we have little more than gossip and speculation to keep us going.

The thing is, while there are 11 possible victims, some of those can be immediately discounted – namely Rick and Carl – while if any one of Aaron, Sasha or Rosita is ultimately revealed as the victim there would be one hell of a hullabaloo from the show’s faithful.

Show-runner Scott Gimple has promised a hard left turn when it comes to Negan’s kill, and that trio fit into a category where fans would do nothing other than throw their hands up in despair if Lucille is the cause of their demise.

You can arguably put Eugene into that group as well, but certainly with Aaron, Rosita and Sasha we would be up in arms if, after all the bluster and discussion, a relatively minor character bid farewell.

No, the only option for The Walking Dead at this stage is to go big or go home, so Daryl, Michonne, Maggie or Abraham have to be killed (note: Glenn would not be a hard left turn for obvious reasons).

Anyone else and the show has failed…unless of course they do the unthinkable and kill Rick! Now that would be a bold move worth applauding.