Game of Thrones fans react on Twitter after Jon Snow revelation

Jon Snow Game Of Thrones 2

Game of Thrones fans have been quick to have their say on Twitter after a huge moment in the show.

This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season six episode two.

Game of Thrones fans witnessed the moment they had been waiting for this week when the seemingly dead Jon Snow opened his eyes and gasped his first breath in quite some time.

The resurrection came about following a bit of haircutting and hoodoo from red priestess Melisandre, whose faith had been sorely tested following some apparently dodgy signals in the flames.

And while the Game of Thrones showrunners stretched out the suspense until the very last moment – with no one left in the room apart from Jon’s ever-faithful dire wolf Ghost – when the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch returned, social media went understandably crazy.

Twitter bore the brunt of the frustration when Snow was murdered by his sworn brothers at the end of season five, but now it is the platform for celebration.

After the episode we took to Twitter to see what Game of Thrones fans thought of Jon’s return and you can read a selection of what we found below: