Space Jam 2 featuring NBA star LeBron James moves closer

Cleveland Cavaliers star is set to feature in Space Jam 2.

Plans for Space Jam 2 are gathering pace, with a script currently being written, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

NBA star LeBron James has already signed a deal with Warner Brothers to star in the upcoming film, although it is unclear when filming would take place.

James would succeed Michael Jordan, who was already one of the most iconic basketball stars of the 90s before he featured in the movie, which became one of the more memorable of it's era, with NBA stars featuring alongside cartoon Looney Toons characters.

The plot involved Jordan and the Looney Toons playing a game of basketball against cartoon aliens, who had zapped several leading NBA stars of their powers.

Hollywood Reporter state that Justin Lin and Andrew Dodge are writing the script for the movie, and it will be produced by Charles Ebersol.

There will be a huge amount of pressure on LeBron James for the movie to be successful, but the Cleveland Cavaliers star is the best known star of the past five years, and can still add another title to his collection through the play-offs this season.