The Walking Dead actor speaks about season seven shock and what Negan will do next

Gabriel Walking Dead 1

One of The Walking Dead cast has been speaking about what Negan could do next.

This article contains spoilers for season six of The Walking Dead.

The sixth season of The Walking Dead ended in controversial fashion, with Negan introducing Lucille to the head of an as yet unknown victim.

Despite weeks passing since that oft-discussed ending, speculation about the future of the show remains rife and is likely to right up until season seven finally premieres in October.

Any and all comments from the cast are going to be analysed for the slightest hint of what is to come and now Seth Gilliam – who plays Father Gabriel in the show – has made some tantalising comments about Negan’s next move.

In an interview with during Chiller Expo, Gilliam said, “I can say from the little bit I do know about the upcoming season, there will be lots and lots of tears shed.

“I think there will be a good deal of shock, a lot of heartbreak and what I can say is that Negan is far from done.”

So there you have it: Anyone expecting Negan to brutally kill just one member of Rick’s group and then put his feet up looks like being proved wrong, with the foul-mouthed (at least in the comics) uber-villain set to terrorise more of Alexandria’s inhabitants in due course.

In truth that was always to be expected, with Rick sure to want swift revenge for the death of, well, whoever died, but in turn that will prompt the Saviours to reinforce their power as they have on so many communities previously.