How to watch Game of Thrones Season Six early

Game of Thrones season six continues simultaneously in the UK and the US.

Many UK-based Game of Thrones fans eager to find out what happens next will be tuning in to Sky Atlantic at 9:00pm on Monday evening for their latest fix.

The thing is there is no need to wait that long, and while there are plenty of people out there aware of this, there will be many who are not.

Sky Atlantic not only airs each new episode at primetime on Monday evenings; it also simulcasts at 2:00am to ensure those eager to avoid spoilers can watch along with their American counterparts.

Many fans will immediately dismiss the prospect of staying up that late or setting their alarm for a time more usually associated with early-morning flights. But Sky+ ensures that is no longer an issue, enabling fans to record the episode at 2:00am and then watch it whenever they get the chance, be that during the day on Monday or prior to the 9:00am broadcast.

In so doing it also enables viewers to skip the adverts and ensure the tension builds as it is intended, and even if you simply start watching at 7:00pm instead of 9:00pm it still means finding out what happens with Jon Snow, Tyrion and the rest earlier than would otherwise be necessary.

So what are you waiting for? Set up your series-link for the 2:00am showing rather than whiling away the evening hours waiting for your next Game of Thrones fix.