Michael Rapaport calls out NBA's Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Lin: What happened to Linsanity?

Charlotte Hornets point guard Jeremy Lin is currently featuring in the play-offs against Miami Heat.

Jeremy Lin has re-emerged as one of the stars of the NBA play-offs, helping the Michael Jordan owned Charlotte Hornets to even the series at 2-2 with Miami Heat.

Lin scored a combined 39 points in games three and four, and is showing that the teams who have passed him over in recent years have been mistaken.

He made his name with the New York Knicks in 2012 when he coined the phrase Linsanity due to a blitz of stunning performances, but the troubled franchise decided to deal him away.

He signed with the Houston Rockets but did not fit, and spent just a year at the LA Lakers before signing in Charlotte last summer.

Despite his recent form, not everybody is happy, with actor, comedian, and NBA Celebrity All Star game regular Michael Rapaport calling out his 'man-bun' hairstyle.

Rapaport said, speaking on his latest I Am Rapaport: Stereo podcast: "Jeremy Lin has the balls big enough to play in his buzz city jersey with a man bun.

"And this is his choice. No one is putting a gun to his head and saying to Jeremy Lin you've got to have a man bun.

"I don't know if thinks this is funny or if he somehow lost a bet, but he's had the most f....'d up hairstyles collectively all season. You look crazy. What happened to Linsanity? What happened to the passion?"

Well despite this, Lin appears to be back, and may not want to change a winning formula.

If he were putting in the same type of performances he is at present in a bigger market like New York or LA, his feats would be receiving more talk than his hair.