NBA Trade Talk: Rockets' Dwight Howard to Chicago Bulls

Will Dwight Howard leave the Houston Rockets for the Chicago Bulls?

Dwight Howard could be set to switch from the Rockets for the Chicago Bulls if a trade can be agreed, it has been reported by multiple sources.

NewsEveryDay report that Howard is keen on joining the Bulls, with FanSided suggesting it would be a smart move for all parties.

Howard was once the most sought after star in the NBA when at Orlando Magic, but his signing with LA Lakers proved disastrous.

The ramifications of their dream team collapsing are still being felt, with Howard traded to the Rockets.

Howard has, along with James Harden, helped the Rockets into the play-offs, but they are 3-1 down against Golden State and on the verge of an exit.

The Rockets play like a team of individuals rather than a well co-ordinated team, and trading one of their stars like Howard could give them enough capital to rebuild.

RantSports reported that Houston's front office attempted to trade Howard away back in February.

Inquisitr speculate that Dwight Howard and Jimmy Butler could form one of the best defensive partnerships in the NBA if they play together at Chicago, and give the team a platform for success.

Chicago missed the play-offs this season, and it looks likely Derrick Rose will not return to MVP level. Adding a top star like Howard could turn their fortunes around.