Forget Negan, The Walking Dead may have just revealed major Season 7 spoiler

Morgan Jones Walking Dead S6 Ep 16

This article contains spoilers and should only be read if you are up to date with The Walking Dead...and interested in news regarding Season 7.

While many fans of The Walking Dead will still be debating the end of season six there appears to be something new to talk about – whetting the appetite for the next season in a way that does not directly involve new uber-villain Negan.

Recent Facebook and Instagram posts from Skybound – the company behind The Walking Dead – have reportedly suggested that two new characters will be making their way to screens later this year in the form of Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva.

Yes, you heard me right: A tiger…in a zombie show! What’s not to love about that?

Fans of the comics already suspected the imminent introduction of the pair following the season six finale, during which Carole and Morgan met horse-bound strangers who looked very much like they belonged to the Kingdom, the base overseen by Ezekiel.

In an earlier Instagram post, it is being reported that the following message was relayed to fans along with an image of the famous characters from the comic: “Happy national pet day! Don’t worry Walking Dead fans; you’ll get to meet Ezekiel and Shiva next season.”

That message has since been edited, suggesting someone may have been a little quick on the draw when it came to that particular reveal.

With The Walking Dead creators keeping schtum on who met their grisly end earlier this month, they will not want any other spoilers as they attempt to ramp up the excitement ahead of the show’s October return.