Who is the most credible central banker?

Draghi, Yellen, Carney or someone else? Vote in our poll and tell us who you think should take home the prize of most credible central banker.

Transparency and clear communication from central banks are vital to the ebb and flow of financial markets so when mishaps occur, the consequences can be harsh.

Last week, European Central Bank (ECB) chief Mario Draghi confused traders when he suggested that Thursday's deposit facility cut could be the ECB's last, causing the euro to spike more than 1 percent against the dollar.

Meanwhile, traders and policymakers have urged the People's Bank of China to regularly communicate its policies to markets ever since last August's surprise currency devaluation.

Governor Zhou Xiaochuan also came under heavy fire earlier this year for his silence during a sharp bout of market volatility. Zhou is known for being reclusive and attributed his reticence as a defense mechanism against speculation.

"How is it possible for the central bank to tell all its operational strategies? It's like playing a chess game, you cannot tell the opponent all your tricks," he told financial magazine Caixin this year.

England's Mark Carney recently had to respond to accusations that he was being too supportive of the government's anti-Brexit stance by warning of the negative impact on banks should Britain leave the euro zone .

Criticism was also recently leveled at the Bank of Japan's Haruhiko Kuroda for introducing negative interest rates just a month after saying he wouldn't.

On the other spectrum are Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, lauded for her forward guidance, and Reserve Bank of India boss Raghuram Rajan, seen as a national hero for stabilizing the rupee and curtailing inflation.

Vote in our poll and tell us who you think should take home the prize of most credible central banker.

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