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Is Evans playing a risky game with bold prediction for next season?

The Leeds head coach is creating unnecessary pressure for himself.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Steve Evans has re-emphasised his bold prediction for next season - and more emphatically than ever before.

Indeed, the Leeds United head coach is quoted as saying: "I’ve always said it - if I get the players I want, put the kettle on. We’ll be in the promotion race next season. Whether that’s good enough to get up, who knows, but we have to be ready with a group assembled. We need to be in a promotion chase."

It's a positive mindset, which could be commended based on Leeds' recent history.

But, at the same time, it's one that adds unnecessary pressure.

Alas, big talk is cheap if there are no signs of progress to back it up. How can Leeds, then, run before they walk?

No transfer window in the world can magically turn a side into promotion contenders if their coach isn't showing signs of being able to manage a promotion-chasing team.

So why bring it up at all? Leeds fans have suffered so much in recent years that they would welcome one solid campaign - where effort levels are high and performances as good as they can be within reason.

There's no need to promise the world and everything that's in it if dedication and desire are high. So is Evans playing a risky game by making exceedingly bold - and unneeded - predictions about next season?

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