Quitting investment banking - One way to make a new living

Transferable skills ?

Maureen Sherry spent the first half of her adult life climbing rungs in some of Wall Street’s biggest investment banks and the next half among other affluent mums, many married to leaders in finance.

Bloomberg News reports that this month she published 'Opening Belle', a novel that comically and bitingly chronicles male antics of those worlds, from a boy snapping a thong in a preschool to the entrenched misogyny of men on the trading floor - as well as the dynamics of women who surround them. As the title suggests, they’re the characters who are front and centre. A movie already is being developed by Warner Bros. and Reese Witherspoon’s production company.

'Opening Belle' follows Isabelle, initially the most reluctant member of the secret 'Glass Ceiling Club' formed by her female colleagues. When anonymous memos start going around calling out men on their sexist behaviour, Isabelle gets angry. It’s only when her boss insists she split her profits 60/40 with a lazy, junior male colleague that her feminist fervour kicks up. The book’s jacket boils down that side of the story like so: “Getting rich on Wall Street would be a lot more fun if the men would keep their hands off her assets.”

To access the complete Bloomberg News article hit the link below:

She Quit Wall Street to Pen Comic Novel on Outing Sexist Bosses

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