Why it's right for Liverpool fans to walk out over ticket prices

Liverpool fans are planning a 77th minute walk out when they face Sunderland on Saturday.

Over the top ticket prices are not a new thing, which is probably one of the reasons the Liverpool ticket pricing for the 2016/17 season all that harder to swallow. This week there was the announcement that tickets for one game will cost as much as £77 for a seat next season - hence the protest of a walkout on 77 minutes when the Reds face Sunderland in the Premier League this weekend. 

A bigger stadium, a bigger TV deal which could let people into the ground for minimum expense without even losing any money, this should all point to something of a price reduction across the board? Well no, they've decided their supporters should be exploited.

The entire subject is covered very well on a podcast by The Anfield Wrap in terms of how Liverpool came to this pricing structure and what had happened prior to the announcement. 

As stated earlier, this isn't a new thing, it has been a concern for many years now. I even remember my first away game in 2004 as a 11-year-old, and chants of '£38 you're taking the p**s' when visiting Birmingham City as Liverpool won 3-0 at St Andrews. I think it was the main reason it went down to general sale. It's been threatening to get out of control for years but seems to have come to a head.

A simple Getty Images search will show you ticket pricing protests from Liverpool, quite prominently, but also from Arsenal, and even Bayern Munich when they visited in the Champions League shows that this issue has been starting to bubble over. Everyone remembers the linesman telling Manchester City players to go and applaud their fans after they paid £62 to watch their side at the Emirates Stadium; why he was not on duty the next week was baffling. 

For anyone that regularly goes to a football match, you'll know you're not only paying to watch your side play, there is the emotional aspect to the game as well. One simply can't up sticks and go an support another club because they have cheaper ticket prices, and once they do stop going because they've either been priced out of the game or can't justify the cost of going any more, with the way the loyalty system works at the club you'd find it very hard to get back in.

Access to tickets for local kids has been high on the agenda as well, and there seems to have been elements progress in that area, even if they are baby steps.

But there are some things you can't accept. £77 is probably the equivalent of a regular weekly shop for a small family - if not that then a large portion of it. When you think of things like that, it's a grotesque amount of money.

If you want a simple economics argument. The price of Liverpool's most expensive ticket is currently £59, so a jump of £18 - or a 30% increase in the cost of that particular ticket. If you want a reminder of the inflation was flat and wages increased by just under 3% in the past year - so people haven't all of a sudden got richer to go to a football game in one of the most deprived areas of the country. 

This is not just a case of those going now are going to be priced out. It's about future generations, can their parents afford to take them? Will they ever get the experiences that their parents and grandparents had before them of going to watch top flight football? Unless something changes, the answer to that is a firm no.

This isn't just a fight for Liverpool fans, it's a fight across the board. People from all walks of life from different parts of the world should be able to watch their team for an affordable price rather than forced to give more, even when their side isn't doing much for it. 

It has to be noticed. There was relative success last season when Liverpool played in front of an away end that was barely full at Hull City last season, the national press are now picking up on this story. To suggest it's pointless is quite wrong, though a decent amount of people do need to leave their seats 13 minutes from time on Saturday.

Football is a game that should be available to everybody, if nothing is done then it simply won't be. 

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