Are you a 'toxic' employee ?

Whether you’re a boss, an employee or an owner, these people can ruin your workplace, life or company.

The New York Post reports that they come into your business, and some staffers immediately start looking to leave because of them. They can destroy morale and eventually your company.

They are toxic workers — described as 'overconfident' and often 'unethical' and 'corrupt' — and they can cost millions in lost productivity and profits.

Now a major business school has finished a study measuring their effect.

'A toxic worker is defined as a worker that engages in behaviour that is harmful to an organization', according to the Harvard Business School study, Toxic Workers.

'In extreme cases', the study said, 'aside from hurting performance, such workers can generate enormous regulatory and legal fees and liabilities for the firm'.

To access the complete New York Post article hit the link below:

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