Five questions in five minutes with Duncan Scott, founder of Supper

Duncan from Supper

Supper is a healthy meal delivery service app that connects cooks with diners!

Happy New Year all and hello from my belated first 'review' of 2016. January is when we're all on detox while we grind through the long and dark first month of the year. Cooking, as with most things, is an effort, particularly if you are trying to kick start a healthy eating regime.

Well there's a new app called Supper that might be able to help. This free mobile app created by Duncan Scott, offers busy Londoners a quick and easy solution for those wanting a homemade nutritious meal, without having to spend hours slaving over the stove or uninspiring trips to the supermarket.

But what exactly does that piece of PR scribed verse actually mean? I caught up with Duncan to find out.


Hi Duncan - so an app that delivers healthy meals to your door? Tell us a bit more?

So our app connects cookery enthusiasts with hungry Londoners to deliver healthy and home-cooked meals that arrive with all the convenience of a regular takeaway. As a customer you can login each day and se which local chefs are cooking. They all have their own menu which changes each day and all the food is nutritious meaning our customers get unique dishes that are home cooked and healthy.


Who cooks the meals?

We have a growing network of cooks and chefs. Anyone can cook through the app and we have a mix of professionals and enthusiasts cooking each evening. Importantly though, we ensure all cooks have the important food hygiene training and qualifications. Cooks can then login when they are free and cook, either as just a hobby or supplementary income.


Have you managed to rope in any celebrities?

We very quickly attracted the attention of some top London chefs and have now teamed up with French chef Bruno Loubet. Bruno is a big advocate of home cooked style food and delivering healthy dishes so the fit with us is perfect. Bruno works with our chefs to deliver unique and tasty recipes.


Great, I assume it’s available now and can be used regardless of where you live?

At the moment we are focusing in South West London and have cooks in Wimbledon, Clapham, Fulham, Balham…we cover the majority of the postcodes in the surrounding areas. We aim to focus in our core areas for the time being but then we will be expanding around London as we have already built up a waiting list of people across the capital.


Thanks Duncan, one last question that I like to ask everyone - what's your favourite local restaurants / pubs. When you're not cooking at home of course!

We are spoiled for food and drink aren’t we. I really like Amuse Bouche in Fulham, it has a secret restaurant upstairs called Claude’s Kitchen which is small and intimate. I like that they have a small menu but focus on delivering good food and its perfect to have a glass of wine downstairs before and after.


That sounds interesting Duncan and I look forward to trying it!