'Davey Cameron is a pie': Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account hijacked

Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter account appeared to have been hijacked on Sunday night when a series of expletive-laden tweets were posted.

One aimed an insult at the prime minister David Cameron, while another expressed what can be termed as strident opposition to the Trident nuclear defence programme.

The first to appear, just after 9pm, sought to gee up Corbyn’s more than 380,000 followers, albeit in language not often employed publicly by the Labour leader.

The tweets posted from Jeremy Corbyn’s account
The tweets posted from Jeremy Corbyn’s account Photograph: The Guardian/Twitter

And, while the phrasing of the Cameron insult led some to speculate that the errant tweeter was Scottish, a fourth, which used a slang term popular among some Australians to express patriotic pride, prompted counter-claims.

Despite only being live for a matter of moments before they were deleted, each was retweeted hundreds of times. And speculation as to who was responsible, as well as calls for recriminations followed quickly.

A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn declined to comment.

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