Tottenham fans debate Christian Eriksen's future at White Hart Lane

The Dane hasn't hit top gear in recent weeks and Tottenham fans have been discussing his future at White Hart Lane and where he fits in.

A recent article on HITC Sport got Tottenham Hotspur fans talking. Indeed, the suggestion Christian Eriksen is the only Spurs star currently on a downard spiral created some debate.

No one seems to disagree that the 23-year-old hasn't been his best of late.

But some are happy to take the different circumstances into account. The emergence of Dele Alli and re-emergence of Mousa Dembele have certainly had an effect on Eriksen. He's often played down the left and just isn't as effective there.

There are those, however, who aren't exactly enamoured with the Dane and, in the comments section of the article, some Tottenham supporters even discussed the idea of selling Eriksen long term.

If Spurs continue to thrive in the final third without the 23-year-old playing a major part in their attacking efforts, questioning his worth is valid. After all, Eriksen came to Tottenham with heavy promise and his tendency to disappear & enter 50-50 challenges with a faint heart don't suggest that promise has been fulfilled.

On the other end of the debate are those who still highly rate Eriksen, feel it would be crazy to even talk of him leaving White Hart Lane - and believe he will hit form once again soon. Here's a selection of the reader comments on HITC...

Andrew wrote: 'I wish he was as silky smooth as the media and a lot of fans thought. I would love it if he could contribute. The reality is that it is not just this year. He was terrible after January last year just check his numbers. He has scored one goal from open play in a full calendar year. That is not all I am basing this on. He had one assist after January last year. Keep in mind this guy takes most of our corners and free kicks so the odds of him being awarded an assist are higher than anyone else. I do not like being negative about any of our players and when he first came he scored some clutch goals. I liked him. As time has gone on I am not the only one to notice that he is a scared of physical contact. His lack of courage eliminates poking a ball through in a 50-50 challenge. He is like an actor without the ball. Runs along side the opponent pretending he might make a challenge but never does. He will not hold the ball in thick traffic despite what people say just watch him. Maybe he needs a break and can refocus. We have been lucky that the rest of the team has been carrying him but as you can see Poch is getting tired of this fake effort. He is far too much of a luxury. We need to move on from him he is not the answer.'

Dickspur (in reply to Andrew) wrote: 'You can't ignore the introduction of Alli. Last year CE was the no.10 in our team. This year Alli's been pushed forward into the hole previously occupied by CE. This is requiring re-adjustment by CE. I'd be careful about concluding too quickly that CE isn't the answer. Don't forget, many were saying the same about Dembele less than a year ago'

George wrote: 'Totally wrong Dickspur! Firstly all the front three interchange even last season!

'Secondly, he can't tackle! and thirdly his so-called ability to pick lock defenses is far and few between.

'Personally, I would not miss his contribution. PSG want him, then get Simon Moses for a proper creative talent!!'

Zolty wrote: 'I actually agree that he can completely disappear for periods in games but in the last game for example when he went off we lost a lot of possession. So even though he is not getting goals and assists he helps out a lot when it comes to possession and getting other players into the match, maybe that means he is a luxury player I dont know. The Second thing and that has been mentioned is that he is playing out on the wing now and coming in and that takes some adjustments. The exact same thing happened when he took the number 10 of Sigurdsson and Sigurdsson was moved to the left. Gylfi just disappears at times. So based on this inside forward system it seems players can get lost on the wings a lot of the times, take Martial at Man Utd for example. So in my opinion he fits into the system that we are playing but I wouldnt mind some more pace down the wings.'

PK wrote: 'Eriksen is no Messi , but he is part of the Spurs starting 11 who have not been outplayed by any premiership side this season and although he has not quite played as well we all thought he might it is noticeable when he is subbed. Chadli, Son, Njie are nowhere near as good as fitting in with the style Spurs are playing under Pochettino . Tom Carroll is looking more like a Pochettino type of player but I think when fit Alex Pritchard will become a regular player.'

Michelle wrote: 'If he had some guts (ie, not back out of 50/50s) and could take control just occasionally (as did Carroll in the first 45 vs Everton) he would be up there in the top 10-20 in the world but all too often he is anonymous and easily marked. Like Carroll he needs to learn how to stop being pushed off the ball when trying to shield it. but his passing and dead ball skills are usually almost worth a passenger. I see flashes of john white at times and he does have the ability and I guess if Carroll can find a heart , so can Erikson. Let us hope that he is still young enough to improve as both he and carroll could do with some more strength and stamina. I find that I feel uneasy criticizing him but IMO it is necessary.

Adam Smith wrote: 'He blows hot and cold but on his day he's class. Ive had the previlage of watching him personally quiet a few times and thought he was was meticulous on possession. After going 1-0 to Bournemouth he and Demebel ran that show.

'He does an understated roll, keeping possession ticking over and working across the line. But rarely did he venture away from the opponents 30 yard area.

'Sadly Alli looks technically as good but physically more competent. But you'd be mad to sell him. Especially as he still has his best years ahead of him.'

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