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One was amazing but ended up rubbish, one was rubbish and ended up becoming even worse!

When Christmas is over, the silly season starts... no not the New Year's eve parties, we're talking about the January transfer window!

While the summer is usually where the big teams move to get big players, the January window is usually for clubs who really need a player paying over the odds for a rather mediocre star for the price. It's a time of panic buys and fans scratching their heads trying to work out exactly who their new signing is.

Over the years, there have been some crazy transfer fees splashed out on players we're not entirely sure were worthy of their price tag. Though some, like Luiz Suarez, went on to make a huge impression on the Premier League, some really didn't and ended up flopping really hard.

Anyway, enough rambling on, you're here to find out which Premier League flop you are and you can do so by taking our quick quiz here: Good luck

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