Classic picture - Remember this old job stinker ?


Surely one of the dirtiest job in the financial markets.

Operations Sh*t Manager

One of our reader's sent in this classic a few years back.

Apparently the job featured on a Deutsche Bank job board for a few days before the blooper was realised and corrected. Is this the cr.ppiest job ever ? (Please look at the image immediately above)

Amazingly, our sources tell us that the bank was allegedly inundated with applications for the position sent in by sh.t candidates!

A spokesperson for Deutsche Bank said at the time: 'It was an honest if unfortunate mistake which has since been corrected'.


'Spell Check is a wonderful tool in dyslectic hands. We recently had an e-mail apologising for the temporary suspension of our accounting system, and hoping 'that this does not cause you too much incontinence'!

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