'It just doesn't pay to be a good & loyal employee'

'I wanted to write in to let your readers know exactly how stupid I feel for giving my all for my firm, only to be booted out when it had no further use for me.

I was always 'Mr Reliable' - often the first of my team in and usually the last to leave. I never complained when things got tough over the last few months - several colleagues were tapped on the shoulder and headed for 'meetings' with HR, never to return to their desks. Of course, they weren't replaced, and people like me, loyal and hardworking, dug deep and covered. There were times over the last few months when the pressure was almost unbearable. But my boss told me that it would be worth it - I'd be taken care of at year-end.

The first sign of trouble came a couple of months back, when my boss himself became one of the 'departed'. With him, I thought, went my promised bonus. But it got worse. Just a couple of weeks back it was my turn. I was escorted unceremoniously off the premises, HR telling me that my things would be boxed up and sent to my home. So, here I am, out on the job market in at a terrible time for the industry. I kissed goodbye to that bonus when I was 'right-sized', and the severance package was pretty standard.

And that's the thing that hurts the most. Several of my former colleagues (decent folks all), but not particularly well-regarded (and certainly not as loyal and motivated as me), all walked off with better severance terms and have now been in new jobs at rivals firms for several months. I, on the otherhand, face the prospect of several months of unemployment, and am thinking that I may have to face up to leaving the industry altogether. It just doesn't seem fair to me that those who work hard and give their all are disadvantaged in this way.

It makes me think that I've been a fool, and that I'd have been better off just coming to work and going through the motions like several others who are now in a better position than me. In the final analysis, it just doesn't pay to be a good and loyal employee anymore'.

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