Drake and Morgan, Kings Cross

Drake & Morgan At King's Cross

Drake and Morgan add another beautiful bar to their much loved group

One thing about doing this job is that I often get asked for wining or dining recommendations. I guess it’s understandable – after all I’ve reviewed nearly 200 restaurants and bars in my time not to mention the ones I’ve visited as a punter. So I should be able to come up with something. Perhaps its because I’m getting old but my memory mostly fails me whenever someone asks the perfectly reasonable question of ‘Do you know a nice place to go for dinner or a drink ’

This particularly frustrates my wife – AKA the Northerner and once my key partner in review crimes but now a fulltime French Bulldog ‘mum.’ And when she asked me the other day for a place to meet Alison (fellow Northerner albeit from the other side of the country) here eyes were poised to roll as I began my normal stumble and non-answer. However to her surprise, I came up with a name straight away - the new Kings Cross hotspot that is Drake and Morgan.

Drake & Morgan At King's Cross 03 

Perched on Pancras Square between St. Pancras International and Central St. Martins, this neighbourhood is no longer solely the precinct of brow-beaten commuters and google-mapped tourists, King’s Cross has blossomed into a bona fide drinking and dining hub, and Drake & Morgan the group’s latest venture at King’s Cross is aiming to bring late night cocktail culture and a cool vibe to the area.

It should be said that the D&M team have form. From the truly wonderful Folly in Bank to the more muscular Drift in Bishopsgate, they have taken the chain bar concept to a better place. Beautifully designed bars, lovely food, and a great buzz about them. D&M in Kings Cross is spread over two bars on the ground and lower ground floors, and is completed by an elegant dining room with open kitchen alongside a deli, lounge, two unique ‘kitchen pods’, private dining room and outdoor terrace.

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The waiting staff are without exception beautiful, and unlike my experience with one of D&M’s first bars, friendly and unpretentious. I was dining alone for lunch and taking my waiter’s lead started with the watermelon and goats cheese. This is a combination that I would never have thought would work – I mean melon and ham sure, but with goats cheese? But it was delicious. The sweetness and texture of the melon working perfectly with the stonger, creamier cheese. It was gorgeous. I went for the fish of the day which was mackerel, a fish I normally shy away from; with with quninoa, a grain I normally stay clear of; and a side of sweet potato chips which no one in their right mind avoids. The mackerel was rich but not overpowering, and worked perfectly with the side of quinoa. If anything my extra chips confused matters, but my goodness they were good. My dessert of a cappuccino semifreddo with cinnamon donuts. The semifreddo lacked that coffee kick while the donuts were a bit tough.

Nevertheless it’s was a lovely meal it a gorgeous spot. As if to reinforce my experience, the Northerner returned from her night out absolutely raving about the place. So mark Drake and Morgan in your phones as a recommendation. One you can safely shout out without hesitation.

On a scale of * to *****

Wining and dining ***1/2

Serving and pouring ****

Boozing and schmoozing ****

Drake & Morgan at King’s Cross

6 Pancras Square, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AG

www.drakeandmorgan-kingscross.co.uk | @drake and morgan #DMKX