As tactics to win a game of tennis go, this is pretty drastic...

Andy Murray has managed to get himself a reputation for being incredibly miserable and a little bit dull, but also a machine on the court. 

He's already proved that this year, by reaching the final of the Australian Open and the semi-finals at both the French Open and Wimbledon.

And he had another chance of moving closer to the semi-final of the ATP World Tour Finals on Wednesday when he took on Rafa Nadal at the 02 in London.

However, things didn't quite go to plan for Great Britain's Davis Cup talisman, with Nadal picking up the first set 6-4. With him a set down, the Scot decided to do something DRASTIC and pull out a very risky tactic... So, what did he do? WELL... he decided to... wait for it... cut his hair!

Yep, now we're not sure why he didn't bother getting a headband, gel his hair or, you know, actually cut his hair before the game.


Though, his hair hasn't really been much of a problem for him over the years, I mean, he kind of looked like a sheep a few years ago...