You'd imagine by now that people would have learnt not to tick off Ronda Rousey...

The weigh-ins before UFC fights are usually filled with some showing off, flexing of some muscles and lots and lots of trash talk.

However, when UFC Champion Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm weighed in ahead of their fight in Melbourne, Australia for the Bantamweight title, things went one step further.

With Holm undefeated in her first nine fights and Rousey undefeated in her 12 to date, holding the Bantamweight title for three years now, there is plenty at stake for both women.

Ahead of their fight, it's pretty safe to say that these two don't really like each other that much, but we're not sure if Holm should be making Rousey angry.

During their weigh-in, Rousey squared up to Holm and her opponent decided to square back up to her, and then appeared to put a fist into the champion's face.

As you can imagine, Rousey didn't take too kindly to it and absolutely snapped, with UFC president Dana White having to break the pair up.

While Holm just sort of forgot about it, her 28-year-old opponent was not impressed at all: 

We're looking forward to seeing how Rousey responds when the two get in the ring for their title fight later tonight.