How many Jack Moons? – same-same name game sweeps Facebook

The Moon In A Wheelbarrow

As anyone who has ever delved into their “Other” inbox on Facebook may know, accepting message requests from strangers is generally a bad idea. But is someone who shares your name truly a stranger?

You may be about to find out. The internet has decided chatting people with the same name as you is a thing we do now, or at least for a day.

Sydney student Jack Moon, 25, was invited to a group chat of six fellow Jack Moons on late Thursday night.

“What’s happening?” said Jack Moon.

“Just being the best Jack Moon a Jack Moon can be,” replied the Sydney student, 25. “How about you?”

“Yeah just being Jack Moon,” replied the first Jack Moon.

“Oh my word! So many Jack Moons! Hi Jack Moons,” said another Jack Moon.

Auckland journalist Luke Appleby was one of 11 Luke Applebys to be added to the “Official Luke Appleby” chat group.

Daniel Nolan, also of Sydney, was connected with six other Daniel Nolans. “Fellas,” said the instigator, to no reply; one Daniel Nolan immediately left the group.

The trend is causing widespread confusion and amusement on the internet.