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Just remember to take note of these warning signs otherwise you'll became lost in a world of defensive forwards and registas.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. No, not because Christmas is almost upon us, because this year's edition of Football Manager is out! 

You've probably told yourself that you simply cannot buy it this year, or at least not until after the New Year, you've got far too much work on.

But you really can't wait to take Ebbsfleet United to the Premier League and Champions League glory in less than a decade.

However, we need to take a moment and raise some awareness about a horrible blight that consumes you... the Football Manager addiction.

It's okay, we've all been there, but you need to go over the warnings signs once again – so here are the five telltale symptoms of a FM addict.

1. You're interviewing yourself

The first, and probably most worrying symptom for your loved ones or housemates. When they first catch you in the bathroom speaking to yourself like Geoff Shreeves, it's just embarrassing for everyone involved. But you know that you need to go over your historic 5-0 thrashing of Barcelona with your Gateshead United team – how often is that going to happen! But just remember, doing impressions of Shreeves or Gary Lineker or, if you're really desperate, Robbie Savage, is just really not healthy! 

2. How many hours you put in

So, it's okay if you feel like going on for a few hours while your girlfriend watches all the soaps, but you need to realise when things get excessive. Take for example my hours played of the 2012 edition...Screen Shot 2015 11 13 at 15 50 03

At the time, I was extremely proud of myself that I had spent 58 days taking Gateshead from the Conference to the best team in the world in just seven seasons. However, now I remember that I spent most of 2012 sat in a dark room, not seeing my friends and family and turning Ben Clark into a footballing god.

3. Changing into a suit for cup finals

Admit it, you've done it and everyone thought you were totally nuts. You reckon that they don't understand what it means to get to the Singapore FA Cup final, but if you're dressing up for anything other than the World Cup final, then you have a problem.

4. Playing until everyone retires

It's okay to have a mammoth save going on Football Manager, but you should probably stop and go outside when the likes of Harry Kane and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have retired. If regens are the only players left, just stop, stop what you're doing! 

5. You know every player and coach and get excited when you see then on TV 

If you're getting excited about seeing the likes of Nicolae Stanciu play or getting to see Lucjan Brychczy on the Legia Warsaw bench, you've probably got a problem. Sure, Brychczy helped coach Stanciu's shooting and he became a true goalscoring hero for your Torino team, but you shouldn't get that excited. 

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