Line manager - Here's my idea of the perfect employee

Are you the perfect employee ? A line manager has told us what he looks for from the perfect hire.

The perfect hire needs to have the following qualities / attributes:


But not too much ambition - I quite like my job.


I want someone who will do exactly what they are told - without question or complaint.


Intelligent, but not too intelligent to recognise that I'm pulling the strings.

Be upbeat

Someone around here needs to give us a bit of positive energy - God, it's so gloomy!


Modest enough to understand that, despite all the hard work, they don't deserve a bonus.


Yes, be prepared to work (very) long hours.

A team player

Be a part of the team and and don't try to take any of the (my) glory.

Give credit where it is due

Recognise the fact that all our successes as a unit are down to me.

Avoid gossip

I do not want it known that I am having a personal relationship with a (married) female member of the staff.

Essentially, the perfect hire is there to make me look really good!

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