Effigy of David Cameron and pig's head to burn at Lewes Bonfire night display

A giant effigy of a naked David Cameron with a pig’s head resting in his lap is to be set alight at the Lewes Bonfire night celebrations.

Images of the surreal sculpture, depicting the prime minister perched on a golden chair clasping the animal head, have circulated on social media before Thursday’s event in the East Sussex town.

The wooden structure alludes to claims made in an unauthorised biography of Cameron that he had put a “private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s head as part of a university dining club initiation ritual.

Cameron later denied the allegations made in Call Me Dave, which was written by the former Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft and the former Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott.

Elsewhere, a giant effigy has been made of the embattled Fifa president Sepp Blatter, who has been suspended from the world football organisation as part of the fallout from a US Department of Justice investigation into bribery, money-laundering and wire fraud.

Lewes is colloquially referred to as the bonfire capital of the world, as the town of about 17,000 people hosts one of the UK’s most famous 5 November events.

Seven bonfire societies parade through the town’s streets to mark the anniversary of Guy Fawkes trying to blow up parliament, and residents have a long history of burning controversial effigies.

Other sculptures previously sent up in flames include Muammar Gaddafi, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un.

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