PlayStation announce new Quantic Dream and Gran Turismo games in Paris

Sony used its presentation at Paris Games Week on Tuesday night to announce a number of new PlayStation 4 titles, release dates and updates on existing games.

Perhaps the biggest announcement was from French studio Quantic Dream, which revealed its next project, Detroit: Become Human. Based on the famed tech demo released by the Heavy Rain creator four years ago, the game sees players taking control of an android named Kara, who is discovered to be capable of emotions. According to creative director David Cage, the game will consider the public reaction to a new era of thinking robots – tapping into themes of humanity and artificial intelligence also recently explored in movies such as Ex Machina and the TV series Humans.

The highly anticipated space exploration experience No Man’s Sky was given a release date of June 2016, pleasing many of those in the crowd. Specifics beyond that weren’t offered, although a new trailer – voiced by Rutger Hauer – was released featuring some combat and a little more on the game’s vague ‘head to the centre of the galaxy’ narrative.

No Man Sky – trailer

The next phase in the Gran Turismo series, named GT Sport, was also announced, with beta testing arriving early next year. The game, revealed by series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, looks to bridge the gap between real and virtual motorsports more than ever before, offering in-game championships (based on either nationality or manufacturer) and resulting in the winners receiving their awards alongside real world motoring legends, with Lewis Hamilton specifically namechecked. The game will also support the PlayStation VR headset, though in what capacity is yet to be confirmed.

GT Sport – trailer

On the subject of virtual reality, Sony used the presentation to show off more of its headset – and told attendees that there are now 200 developers working on projects for the technology. Unfortunately nothing major was confirmed about launch date or price, but several titles were shown including RIGS, essentially basketball with robots; a new horror title named Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which looks to be an on-rails Ghost Train-like experience with lashings of gore; and Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey, which couples massive, terrifying dinosaurs and humorous robot companions.

Elsewhere, Sony showed more from the likes of Tekken 7 (also with VR support, though none was shown, as well as PS4 exclusive content), Gravity Rush 2’s co-operative and destructive action, Horizon: Zero Dawn’s robotic hunting futurism, and additions to existing series such as DriveClub’s motorbikes expansion (available from today, both as DLC and standalone) and Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, which was given a release date of 24 November.

Several new independent titles were also revealed. Boundless by Wonderstuck is a cross-platform PC and PS4 open-world survival game, in which groups of players find themselves on a procedurally generated landscape and have to work out how to survive. Vector is a futuristic multiplayer rhythm/action/racing hybrid from Hello There, with music from Avicci. Shoot-’em-up specialist Housemarque revealed its latest blaster, Matterfall, set on an aggressive alien world.

Matterfall – trailer

While heavy on games and light on fluff, the show didn’t reveal much that wasn’t already known by the wider gaming community - Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono even joked about Street Fighter V’s reveal of Dhalsim being ruined. But it was a strong show from Sony, and backed up the fact that, while the PS4 might not have much in the way of exclusives or first-party content coming in 2015, the years following should be rich in content.

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