11 emotions / reactions you might go through if you get laid off


Here are 11 emotions / reactions you might through if you are laid-off

1. Shock - You just didn’t see it coming (after all, aren't you indispensible ?)

2. Denial - There must be some kind of mistake. They couldn't have meant me.

3. Anger - My manager should have done more to prevent it 

4. Relief - It's finally over. Fear of being laid-off is often worse than the reality of it

5. Stress / Worry - How will I ever get another job in this market ?

6. Bruised ego - Don't worry, you'll soon get over it

7. Depression - The reality of being out a job hits home (especially when you are sat AT home)

8. Guilt - Letting down your partner, not being able to provide for them

9.  Revengeful - Always dangerous. Attempts at revenge usually end in tears.

10. Hatred - Towards the company and top management

11. Jealousy - Why have other colleagues kept their jobs ?

And don't forget being overjoyed - especially if you've managed to get another job with more money and better prospects, and now you're going to get an exit package too!

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