Scottish rugby fans launch brilliant petition against referee Craig Joubert

Never anger a Scot, because you will have to face their wrath.

Not many people thought Scotland would have had much of a chance against an Australia side who crushed England a few weeks ago.

However, after Argentina managed to stun Ireland by picking up a 40-23 victory, we thought Scotland might just be in with a small shout.

Then the game started and Scotland managed to go toe to toe with the Wallabies right until the last few minutes, when an interception from Mark Bennett led to a try to send Scotland a whisker ahead.

Scotland were just minutes away from getting to their first World Cup semi-final, until one of the most controversial moments of this or any world cup happened when referee Craig Joubert award a penalty in dying moments. 

Joubert who was criticised for his display at the 2011 World Cup final after some very questionable calls which aided New Zealand's win over France, gave Australia a penalty for offside after Scotland knocked it on. However replays showed that the ball was touched by an Australian, leaving Scotland still onside. 

Cue scenes of anger, disbelief and Joubert running off the pitch. And now Scottish fans have decided to launch a petition to ban him from Scotland for life!  

That'll show him! Now he can't go to Edinburgh dungeons which really is a great day out for the family – bad move Joubert, very bad move.