Sky Sports presenter praises West Ham striker Andy Carroll's attitude to women in sport

Charlie Webster shared an interesting story about the West Ham attacker.

Charlie Webster will be well known to football fans as a presenter on Sky Sports News and as a die-hard Sheffield United fan.

The 32-year-old is also a triathlete and endurance sport participant, who also likes a tough fight out of the running shoes.

Webster has often spoke out for the rights of women in sport and this week she has been discussing a recent event at an NFL game at the weekend. Three female journalists were denied entry to the Jacksonville Jaguars dressing room at the weekend because of their gender.

She rightly believes that sex should have nothing to do with who enters a dressing room. Sports presenters or journalists should be permitted entry to the dressing room based solely on their qualifications.

In highlighting that case she shared an interesting story with The Telegraph involving West Ham striker Andy Carroll.

It involved the West Ham man charging into the home dressing room after being sent off for the club to find Webster taking an ice bath after one of her grueling endurance runs. But Carroll did not bat an eyelid:

"Once, I was soothing my aching limbs in the ice baths at West Ham’s changing room after a charity run, when player Andy Carroll got sent off the pitch and stormed in to find me there. I respected him as a footballer and he respected me as a broadcaster - and somebody crazy enough to run that far. Gender didn’t come into question."

It is certainly great to hear of Carroll's indifference. The West Ham man simply did not see it as an issue, which is entirely the right attitude.

Hopefully that is an attitude that is present throughout the West Ham dressing room and those up and down the country.

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