Some classy gestures Brendan Rodgers did during his Liverpool career

Brendan Rogers Press Conference Smiling - 16/02/2014

If you've got an opinion on Brendan Rodgers, we reckon this might just change your mind.

While he managed to get a bit of a reputation for being nothing more than football's David Brent, it turn out that Brendan Rodgers is actually a really good bloke.

Most Liverpool fans and football fans for that matter, are over the moon that Rodgers has been sacked by the Anfield hierarchy, we actually rather like the Northern Irishman.

And since reading about some of things he got up to whilst managing Liverpool, the 42-year-old has only captured our hearts even more.

According to Anfield Wrap journalist, Melissa Reddy, Rodgers took his role at the club above and beyond the call of duty. 

So what did he do? Well, in Reddy's article, she noted that: "Last year, the manager heard that a young employee at the club — not one in his sphere of Melwood — was undergoing life-changing surgery. The night before the patient-to-be was due into hospital to prepare for the operation, he received a phone call off Rodgers, who encouraged him to be brave and think not of the procedure, but of the betterment that would follow it. It touched him, and even now, the lad cannot fully articulate how much that gesture from the boss meant to him."

Blimey! And it doesn't end there as he even decided to show support for a Liverpool support whose grandfather had sadly passed away, Reddy wrote: "In January this year, Rodgers sent a personal letter of condolence to a supporter whose grandfather had recently passed away. Joe, the recipient of the note, explained: 'I couldn't believe it at first. I took it straight to my dad to show him.

'We were both absolutely made up that such an important person for the club had thought about the family at this sad time. It was a great gesture on behalf of the manager and club that they took the time to write a letter at this busy period for the club.

'I'd like to thank them on behalf of the family as it means a lot to us. I would love to get the chance to personally thank Brendan Rodgers for making a hard time a little more bearable.'"

Brendan Really is tugging at out heart strings here and even more so when it turns out that he's also given help to managers that have faced the chop since he's been in charge of Liverpool. 

One thing we can be sure of is that Brendan has quite genuinely shown some absolutely brilliant character and we applaud him for it! 


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