Video: Rugby referee takes cheeky dig at football after player dives

In the eternal battle between football vs rugby, rugby have taken a cheeky pop at football!

Any rugby fan will tell you that football has a bit of a reputation for having loads of players who get paid a ton and love falling on the floor.

Rugby will fans will also tell you that rugby players are the prototype of man and wouldn't dream of doing such un-manly things like falling on the floor and giving it all the dramatics.

However, we reckon we've found a rugby player who would give Ashley Young a run for his money when it comes to throwing himself on the floor.

The dive happened during Scotland's clash with South African in their Rugby World Cup group match at home of Newcastle United, St James' Park.

And while football referee's usually end up missing the dive or just getting a card out, this rugby ref pulled off some really top bants.

Nigel Owens bantered: "There was nothing wrong with (the tackle). If you want to dive like that again, come back here in two weeks and play (when Newcastle next play again), not today. Watch it."

Top bants, Nigel but let's be honest, Newcastle really could do with some more players, even if they are 14st fullback from Scotland. 

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