Corbyn to the rescue: Labour leader frees delegate's wheelchair

Jeremy Corbyn came to the aid of a Labour delegate after her wheelchair became trapped on the stage of the Labour party conference.

The former MP and ex-Islington mayor, Candy Atherton, had been speaking from behind a lectern when her wheelchair became caught at the annual meeting in Brighton.

When she was unable to leave, Atherton repeatedly said: “I’m stuck! I’m stuck!”

Corbyn, along with the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, rushed to her rescue as an amused audience watched on. “The party serves,” Corbyn joked, before asking Atherton if she could manage.

She said no, but was eventually released and assisted off stage by the Labour leader. The conference chairman then quipped: “That’s what you call a hands-on leader.”

The incident took place just before McDonnell delivered his first speech in his role as shadow chancellor. He opened his address by admitting he’d promised Corbyn that he would behave himself.

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