Wall Street loses more allure to Silicon Valley

The allure of Silicon Valley has been around since the dot-com boom of the 1990’s. Many MBA students have been flocking to startups and technology ever since.

Fox Business reports that last year, 17% of Harvard Business School graduates went into technology… that’s up from 7% in 2007.

'I think you see more students interested in working in technology companies. Companies like Google, Amazon, [and] Apple are great brand names and a lot of MBA students have been interacting with them for years so, it give them a chance to work at a company that they feel an affinity for', says Vince Ponzo, Director of The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia Business School.

'Wall Street has been adjusting to this too. You have companies like Goldman Sachs that are actually getting more involved in entrepreneurship. So, I don’t think banking is dying, I just think it’s in the mist of a traditional period', he adds.

To access the complete Fox Business article hit the link below:

Bye-Bye Wall Street! MBA Millennials Eying Startups

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