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Grimsby Town

Who doesn't love getting put into a bin and then getting rolled down the stands...?

Football fans are a crazy bunch, in fact most of them are absolutely nuts and get up to all sorts during a football match but we reckon these fans take it to a whole new level. 

Over the past few weeks since the start of the new season, we've seen loads of fans get up to all sorts of antics, from hilarious chants, to putting plant pots and mars bars on steward's heads. 

However, these Grimsby Town fans have topped all of those by getting up to some 'top footie bants' during their game against Southport.

So what did they do? Well, a presumably well hydrated group of supporters decided to pack one of their mates up into a bin and decided to roll him down the stands. 

While the fans and the young chap in the ban looked absolutely delighted by their antics, the po-faced steward was not so pleased. 

So what is next football fans, we reckon you're going to keep stepping up your antics and dishing out glorious 'bants' for us all to enjoy! 

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