Video: Tyson Fury tries to intimidate Wladimir Klitschko with bizarre stunt

We're not sure if this has scared Klitschko or just made him really, really mad.

You know how Andrea Pirlo reckons he might just be Batman? Well, it turns out that professional boxer and owner of the best name ever, Tyson Fury, is actually the caped crusader... sort of.

Fury is gearing up for his World Heavyweight title fight with reigning champion and absolute giant of a man Wladimir Klitschko in October – and he's decided to try and terrify the hulking Ukrainian.

How, I hear you ask? Well, when he arrived at his press conference today, we initially thought his bright yellow Lamborghini was enough to steal the show, but he was also, bizarrely, dressed as Batman.

He then decided to keep wearing his costume during the press conference, much to Klitschko's delight at first, but it then turned into absolute confusion and a bit of anger as things got a little out of hand.

Why? Well, because someone dressed as the Joker popped out and Fury decided to tackle him and then tell Klitschko that that is exactly what will happen to him when they face off in October.

Crikey, thing is, though, if Tyson Fury is Batman, then we reckon the massive Ukrainian is definitely Bane and might just be too much for the Brit to handle.