Bank of America cracks down on sharing analysts notes

Wall Street banks may have finally hit on a way to pinpoint the value of analysts and squeeze more money from their research: Stop making it so easy to share.

Bloomberg News reports that Bank of America has started embedding analysts’ reports into web pages, so it can more easily restrict access than with PDF files that are widely shared with people who aren’t paying clients, said Candace Browning, the firm’s head of research.

It’s joining rivals Morgan Stanley and Citigroup in limiting access, and more plan to follow. The approach also makes it easier to track analysts’ readership and customize products for specific types of clients, according to bank executives and consultants.

'The sell side for years has had a model where it blasts out everything it produces', said Michael Mayhew, founder of Integrity Research Associates, which helps investors find the research they need. 'This is an absolutely necessary next step because they have to understand what their customers are consuming'.

To access the complete Bloomberg News article hit the link below:

Wall Street Cracks Down on Free Sharing of Analysts' Notes

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