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I'm rubbish at both of these, but this lad is bloomin' brilliant at them at the same time!

I'll be honest, I'm pretty crap at kick ups. I mean I can do a few, but I usually end up messing them up once I get into double digits. 

I'll be honest again, I've never solved a Rubik's Cube - I can get a few sides but I usually get bored and just take all the stickers off and put them on to make it seem like I've done them – I've been living a lie.

While I'm a bit rubbish at these, this young lad is brilliant at both! Sure, you're thinking 'big deal, I can do that'. What if I told you that he was brilliant at doing both...at the same time! 

Say what! 

Yep, he managed to solve a Rubik's Cube is just 30 seconds while doing 46 (FORTY SIX) kick ups! We have no idea who this young man is but this is absolutely brilliant.

What we do know is that we would LOVE to see some Premier League players giving this a go – can you imagine Wayne Rooney trying this? 

Someone, anyone, please make this happen!  


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