Video: Should England's Ben Stokes have been given out against Australia?

We're not so sure about this at all...

Cricket has some weird laws, getting timed out, having too many advertisements on your bat and, oh, obstructing play.

And it was that third law (law 37) which came into play during England's second one day international with Australia at Lord's which has sparked furious debate among cricket fans.

Ben Stokes was given out after much protest from  Steven Smith and his Australian side for appearing to obstruct a ball which was thrown by Mitchell Starc. 

The England all-rounder was looking to get to down the pitch to possibly grab a quick single with his captain Eoin Morgan, but decided against it and Starc decided to have a pop at the stumps.

Now, this is where the debate has sparked... Was Stokes trying to protect himself or was he trying to protect his stumps? Well, not to be biased towards England or anything, but we reckon he was trying to protect himself! 

And here is why. 

In the slow-mo version of the video, it appears to look much worse than the real time version – with Stokes looking like the next Peter Shilton. However the real-time version shows Stokes trying to get out of the way as quickly as possible – even Nick Knight thought Starc was apologising to the batsmen, NOT appealing. 

Morgan reckons he would have retracted the appeal but Steven Smith stuck by his decision, much to the fury of Stokes. And we reckon that Smith and Starc might want to watch out in the third ODI as we all know how angry Mr Stokes is...