UFC champion Conor McGregor reveals why he and Ronda Rousey share a special bond

He has a great beard and a good accent, she is knocking people's lights out in 34 seconds.

You just can't hate Conor McGregor, his beard, his personality oh and his fighting is just brilliant. And like McGregor, you just can't hate Ronda Rousey and if you did, she'd probably knock your block off before you knew what was going on.

As well as them sharing everyone's respect, it turns out McGregor reckons that he and the American share a special bond at the top of the UFC

The 27-year-old is currently the interim UFC Featherweight Champion after beating number one contender Chad Mendes back in July in just the second round. 

While Rousey has been the undisputed Bantamweight Champion since 2012 and has successfully defender her title six times, including beating Bethe Correia in just 34 seconds! 

With the duo on top of the UFC hotlist, McGregor told ESPN just why they share a special bond: "I believe in the male spectrum I am dominating the game 100%. However in the female Ronda is a two-time ESPY winner and she's a dominant champion."

"It is very hard for her because she is so dominant. There's a lot of questions about me and I am thankful for all the questions because that generates interest and that in turn generates revenue."

"And then Ronda is so dominant and she is slaughtering these women so ruthlessly and that's why I feel we are both equal, we are both at the top of the game

"She is a special athlete and I am happy to be up there with Ronda running the game."

With McGregor set to face UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo at UFC 194 in December and Rousey fighting Holly Holm in November, the duo might just stay on top of the UFC tree for some time to come.