We reckon this cameraman had a few quid on Justin Gatlin and now he's getting his revenge.

There is no doubt that Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet, but we reckon he won't be able to survive too many of these nasty falls.

Bolt was competing in another major final, this time the 200m at the World Athletics Championship, and he was once again coming up against public enemy number one – USA sprinter Justin Gatlin. 

While Bolt managed to once against blitz the competition and bring back his 10th World Championship medal back home to Kingston, it was what happened slightly off the track which took the headlines.

With the Lightning Bolt celebrating his win at the Bird's Nest stadium with the fans, one cameraman tried to put an end to it by crashing his Segway and then taking out poor old Usain with him! 

Obviously, the sprinter went down like a sack of hammers, but was full of smiles while we're guessing the cameraman is thanking every high-power that he didn't manage to injure the most important track star of his generation.