Find Your Flow Screenshot

This is all sorts of amazing, but do you think you could do it?

We've seen some impressive things on the internet, from cats playing pianos to photoshopped pictures of footballers to make them look daft – but we reckon this is up there with the best we've seen. 

Now, if you're not aware of the work of YouTube superstars How Ridiculous, then we're not exactly sure where you have been for the past few years. Basically, they do brilliant trick shots, from throwing a basketball from a tower block down into a net from bloomin' miles away to throwing a golf ball to get a hole in one! 

However, we reckon this effort at The Orbit (that weird tower close to West Ham's future home, the Olympic Park) for Lucozade's 'Find your Flow' campaign may well just be the best trick shot yet by the Australian YouTubers. The duo went up to 80 metres, wearing hard hats and harnesses to keep them safe before throwing their ball down into a net with such precision us mere humans could only dream about. 

And to prove it wasn't a fluke, they decided to properly show off and do the whole thing again, only this time, they did it backwards! In fact, they managed to throw the ball with such force that the chain netting on the net was shattered on impact with the ball. 

Speaking after the amazing trick, David Herron said: "It's been an amazing experience being in the UK and we are absolutely thrilled to have achieved our first ever trick-shot in London."

I'll be honest, I have a tough time throwing something in the bin and that is about 6 feet away from me...