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Michael Bridges says he was approached when Russell Crowe was considering buying Leeds

An ex-Leeds United player has lifted the lid on talks earlier this year regarding the future of the club.

Former Leeds United player Michael Bridges has been speaking about Russell Crowe’s decision not to push forward with a takeover bid at Elland Road.

BBC Radio Leeds have broadcast an interview Bridges gave to Australia’s ABC Grandstand in which he discussed the Hollywood actor’s recent announcement on Twitter that he would be stepping back from any attempt to become the new owner of Leeds as he wished to spend more time with his children.

Giving some insight into earlier discussions when Crowe first considered the move, Bridges said, “That came about last year and I was quite excited when it happened. I got a phone call to see if I would be interested in helping out with a few things if it was to go through and I was trying to push it on social media and I was excited.

“And everyone in the UK wanted to know what all the hype was about but I think there was a lot to do with Vinnie Jones as well…I think that had been mentioned and I got quite excited to be honest.”

So it seems – according to Bridges at least – that there was a considerable amount of discussion taking place behind the scenes with some very famous names.

If Bridges was also set to be involved in some capacity it showed that the plan was to ensure the club was run by people who had a real affinity to them, while Jones’ and Crowe’s Hollywood connections were said to have played a big part in the early talks.

However, the move now seems dead in the water and that will come as a disappointment to those Leeds fans who were hoping for a change at the top and a huge positive step in the right direction.

Bridges for one is sad that things did not work out as he would have hoped, adding, “Obviously it’s not going to happen, he’s pulled the plug and I was hoping the future would be bright but it’s not to be sadly, but there will be somebody floating around. I just hope Uwe Rosler can start to get some wins instead of draws because the players and fans deserve it.”

Bridges spent five years at Leeds, playing 56 matches and scoring 19 goals in the process.

Now 37, he plays for Lambton Jaffas FC in Australia so he will know Crowe’s influence on sport in that country well.

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