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Need a job? Jermain Defoe is looking for his very own Mr Smithers

This totally doesn't sound like a really horrendous job at all.

It's tough finding a job these days, especially if you're a new graduate, you'll probably end up pulling pints for a year before you get lucky or end up in Starbucks.

However, Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe is offering one lucky candidate a chance to become his personal assistant/busybody to help the former England striker become a global brand and fashion designer... yep really!

Now we're not sure what exactly a Jermain Defoe global brand would look like but we're guessing you'll be able to pick up some Au de Defoe in PoundLand along with some Emmanuel Adebayor energy drinks. 

What we do know is that the job description is actually a bit mad and sounds less like a personal assistant and more like Defoe's mum/social media manager. 

Here is what was posted on SECS:

Who wouldn't want to be on call 24/7 in case Jermain wants a bacon sandwich or a deep bath running or you to pop round his auntie's for her birthday? We're not sure how much it pays, but we might apply just to see what it would be like to become a real life Mr Smithers. 


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