The Bankers bag tradition grows up and gives back

Doctors wear scrubs. Cops carry guns. Lawyers wear suits. Bankers carry the bag.

Bloomberg News reports that you know the one. It’s normally a muted green, blue, or gray. You may not notice it until you've seen it a hundred times on the subway in New York City—that perfectly sized canvas bag with two ribbons emblazoned with the name of a bank.

It’s a subtle sign that the carrier is a member of a trade. He has been a first-year associate. She has stared at an Excel spreadsheet for a full 24 hours straight. You are looking at a banker.

Traditionally, banks supply each of their new analysts with a bag, usually on their first day of employment. At one point, it was as common as getting your first business cards. Show up for orientation, figure out where the bathrooms are, take a photo for your security badge, and get handed a small canvas bag with the name of your bank embroidered on it.

To access the complete Bloomberg News article hit the link below:

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